Josee Jenkins, LPC

About Josee:

Josee is an upbeat, friendly individual who holds a Bachelors of Science in Social Work from The Ohio State University and a Masters Degree from Ashland Theological Seminary in Professional Mental Health Counseling. 

Josee is active in a local church and was a Volunteer Leader with Young Life for three years, spending 15-20 hours per week with middle school students. These years grew her passion for helping young people work through difficult thoughts, emotions and experiences, while empowering them to take on any obstacle in life! “I love working with young people because I want to guide them onto a healthy path, so they aren’t grappling with the same struggles for 20+ years. Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers are very misunderstood. Some limit them or view them as children, but they are actually much smarter and a lot deeper than people give them credit for.”

Being a strong Christian and former perfectionist, Josee learned firsthand how our spiritual lives and mental health overlap. “If we are believing lies about God, it is going to affect every area of our life.” If you are struggling with your concept of God or are seeing Him as anything but loving and gracious, or with any of the other aforementioned topics, Josee is the counselor for you.

Spiritual Issues
Self Esteem
Financial Issues
Middle Schoolers
High Schoolers
*Note: This is not an exhaustive list. If you or a loved one are struggling and would like to see Josee, please reach out and we can determine if it is a good fit.
$90 per session
Evernorth Behavioral Health
Medical Mutual

No Medicare or Medicaid accepted at this time.
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