Crisis Counselors



Dan Vroegop, Intern

Every opportunity to meet with a family is an enjoyable adventure. Families come in many different shapes and sizes including: blended, traditional, and single parent, but no matter the arrangement we all need help with boundaries, anxiety, transitions, communication, self-esteem and spiritual struggles. I would value the opportunity to meet your family today. I am also certified with Prepare/Enrich which offers great tools for parents seeking ways to understand and grow their parenting skills. 

Contact for a video conferencing session at [email protected].


Gabby Miller, LSW

Gabby has experience helping navigate anxiety issues and conflict resolutions skills. During this time there is a need to manage anxiety issues and learn conflict resolution with friends, roommates and family. Gabby has experience in working with resolution needed to navigate relational conflicts specifically with friends and roommates.

Contact for a video conferencing session at [email protected].


Tim Fallara, LPC

Tim brings years of experience in managing conflicts, working through relational problems, and understanding how to problem solve in difficult times. 

Contact for a video conferencing session at [email protected].


Jason Sanz, LPCC-S

During this strange, inconvenient time, we are spending more time with our families under one roof than we are accustomed to.  This will either bring you all together stronger than before, or everyone will drive each other nuts.  Now is a great opportunity to change habits, break out of ruts and be intentional about doing things differently! 

I'd like to help you, your spouse and your family make the best use of this time together by improving communication, managing conflict, thinking creatively to find structure, activity and purpose, and find other ways to look back on these months and tell stories about having navigated it well.

Contact for a video conferencing session at [email protected].