Handling Quarantine Together….Simple Reminders

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Amy M. Moreno,

Clinical Director of WellSpring Counseling

It will be normal for all of us to have a period of adjustment and might necessitate some new practices to manage these unusual circumstances.

We all are facing unusual circumstances and times in our world today—and this will inevitably create stress, anxiety and unusual pressures for our families and living situations.  Very rarely, do we find ourselves all together under the same roof for long periods of time.

Read below for tips to reduce household stress.


Create Structure

Structure and routines are important for keeping balance, staying healthy, and feeling productive.

Create regular bed times, meal times, devotional times, connecting times (face time, virtual hang outs), even scheduling a walk every day with someone (social distancing of course).

Family meeting. Plan a regular time to meet together to check in, make plans, have fun activities.

Set up designated work stations for work from home, school, and other parts of the house are not for work.

Engage in productive and meaningful activities together like intercessory prayer for family, neighbors, decision makers, our world.

Find creative ways to serve neighbors, family members and others together.


Handling Stress

Create a plan as a family if someone getting sick.

Normalize and accept this time as stressful for everyone.

Be kind to yourself and each other.

Private time.  Time to retreat to a quiet and private place.

Clear expectations on when and how to connect with friends and extended family.

Devotional time with God helps with perspective and guidance. 

He cares about all the details of our lives and will guide us in these times. (Psalm 139: 1-6; Psalm 37:23; Romans 8:27-37)


Managing Conflict

Conflict will be inevitable as we are all huddled together under the same roof.

Understand all of us are under stress and limit demands and expectations of one another.

Make expectations very clear and be willing to negotiate them.

Make room to talk about feelings and tension with each other. 

Speak directly and ask what can I do to make things better for you?

Keep a sense of humor.

Take walks to blow off steam, take a breath before you say something you might regret, try to slow things down and remember that this “too shall pass.”9 


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