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Developing Compassionate Communities

9/25/2017 in Category Relationships

WellSpring Director shares in the following teaching how we can build compassionate communities with Biblical principles.

Developing Compassionate Communities

When Your Partner Doesn’t Understand Your Trauma

7/31/2017 in Category Relationships

"He just doesn't get what is going on with his wife of over 25 years, Amy. Michael is concerned about her and wondering when she is going to "get over" the childhood physical and sexual abuse... More


4/20/2017 in Category Relationships

Amy Moreno, Director of WellSpring Counseling

Dr. Henry Cloud has influenced my thinking and clinical practice tremendously. I enjoy catching up on his YouTube videos.  Check this one... More

How to Say “I’m Sorry”

3/30/2017 in Category Relationships

Have you ever heard someone complain, "He or she never says they're sorry!" Maybe one of the reasons is that they don't know how to apologize. Here are some steps from a New York Times... More

Are You a Blamer?

3/28/2017 in Category Relationships

Enjoy a humorous look on how easy it is to "get into blaming" in relationships.  Brene Brown, with her funny and insightful ways, makes us take a second look at ourselves and our... More