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Love. Emotion. “Feeling all the Feels.”

2/14/2018 in Category Relationships

Valentines Day. Love. Emotion. What goes on in our brain when we're "feeling all the feels"? Check out this video for a quick rundown that may help you to better understand what you do.


Is It Your Role To Be Submissive To Your Spouse?

10/13/2017 in Category Relationships

Leslie Vernick has a blog on relationships. Here is one on submission among husbands and wives.


What Constitutes Abuse?

10/13/2017 in Category Relationships

by Leslie Vernick

Recently I’ve seen a few comments on this blog and others questioning what behaviors or attitudes are considered abusive in a relationship. Some people object to singling... More

Developing Compassionate Communities

9/25/2017 in Category Relationships

WellSpring Director shares in the following teaching how we can build compassionate communities with Biblical principles.

Developing Compassionate Communities

When Your Partner Doesn’t Understand Your Trauma

7/31/2017 in Category Relationships

"He just doesn't get what is going on with his wife of over 25 years, Amy. Michael is concerned about her and wondering when she is going to "get over" the childhood physical and sexual abuse... More