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How to Help Tweens and Teens Manage Social Conflict

1/24/2019 in Category Relationships

A middle school girl scrolling through Instagram discovers that she's been left out of a friend's party. She becomes underatandably upset and looks to her parents for advice. Situations... More

Couple Marrying Again After 50 Years Apart

4/13/2018 in Category Relationships

"This couple divorced 50 years ago. Next week, they’re getting married again."


Love. Emotion. “Feeling all the Feels.”

2/14/2018 in Category Relationships

Valentines Day. Love. Emotion. What goes on in our brain when we're "feeling all the feels"? Check out this video for a quick rundown that may help you to better understand what you do.


Is It Your Role To Be Submissive To Your Spouse?

10/13/2017 in Category Relationships

Leslie Vernick has a blog on relationships. Here is one on submission among husbands and wives.


What Constitutes Abuse?

10/13/2017 in Category Relationships

by Leslie Vernick

Recently I’ve seen a few comments on this blog and others questioning what behaviors or attitudes are considered abusive in a relationship. Some people object to singling... More