Do You Work Too Much?

4/11/2017 in Category Emotional Wellbeing

David Kaplan, PhD
"It's Time to Stop Glorifying Workaholism"
The old saying is true — no one ever died wishing that they had spent more time at work. What most people do wish is that... More


4/5/2017 in Category Emotional Wellbeing

Depression can come from a variety of sources and it's helpful for all of us to understand it a little better.  Because, even though we might not suffer with depression, there's a strong... More

The Paradox of Behavior Change

3/30/2017 in Category Emotional Wellbeing

Sustainable change is difficult for all of us. And as clinicians at WellSpring we see the difficulties and challenges that clients are up against as they try to make life changes. We've seen... More

How to Say “I’m Sorry”

3/30/2017 in Category Relationships

Have you ever heard someone complain, "He or she never says they're sorry!" Maybe one of the reasons is that they don't know how to apologize. Here are some steps from a New York Times... More

Do You Know a Student Athlete?

3/28/2017 in Category Emotional Wellbeing

Student athletes are more likely to experience psychological issues severe enough to warrant counseling and less likely to seek treatment than their peers who are not athletes. Among those... More