The Road to Resilience

10/1/2018 in Category Emotional Wellbeing

Research indicates that the way we deal with hardship can either build resilience to make us stronger, or create crippling chronic stress. Here's how can you help your child to view... More

How Grief Affects Your Brain

9/25/2018 in Category Emotional Wellbeing

Grief is an important step in healing after a loved one dies. This video helps explain how grief affects the brain and what to do about it.

What Is After-School Restraint Collapse?

8/30/2018 in Category Emotional Wellbeing

After-school restraint collapse is real. Here's how you can help your child.

Your children’s teachers insists they are as lovely as can be during the school day—but that’s not what you’re... More

How to Help Someone with Anxiety

5/30/2018 in Category

"Helping someone with anxietycan be intimidating. Often the anxious person feels completely overwhelmed by their anxiety, especially if they experience panic attacks or find themselves... More

Holding Onto God When Life Falls Apart

4/13/2018 in Category Emotional Wellbeing

"Sometimes it feels like life is falling apart.

"Sometimes it comes crashing down in a moment of tragedy. Sometimes it slips slowly through your fingers, like when your health deteriorates... More