How Important is a Father’s Influence?

6/18/2019 in Category Relationships

How important is the role of a father in the lives of his children? Read this article from Focus on the Family to see.

The Significance of a Father's Influence 

The Anatomy of Trust

4/8/2019 in Category Relationships

What does it mean to trust? Is it what we do in the large impactful events? Or is it in the simple, seemingly insignificant moments?

Brene Brown shares an insightful and... More

How to Help Tweens and Teens Manage Social Conflict

1/24/2019 in Category Relationships

A middle school girl scrolling through Instagram discovers that she's been left out of a friend's party. She becomes underatandably upset and looks to her parents for advice. Situations... More

Do You Sleep Enough?

1/17/2019 in Category Emotional Wellbeing

A new study published in the journal of the American College of Cardiology found that not getting enough sleep can contribute to damaging plaque in arteries throughout your body, not just... More

Mediterranean Diet and Depression

1/11/2019 in Category

Weight loss is often part of our New Year's Resolutions. And with all the hype around diets--there is interesting research out there that the Mediterrannean Diet is helpful not only for... More